Rugged, deep-treaded, durable, high-performance, all-terrain- The inexorable Mountain Bike One of the fastest growing and evolving areas of bicycling in the past 30 years has been mountain biking. Mountain biking has gone from a niche hobby to a popular competitive sport with an international championship. 

The 1970's mountain bike, a clunky modified cruiser, has evolved into a light-weight machine with high-tech outfitting and many subtypes for the many variations of the sport that have emerged, including , endurance riding, single track, technical trail, downhill, and dirt-jumping. crosscountry


Whatever your style, budget, or experience level, all our mountain bikes are made with quality components that will survive tough riding, bringing you years of adventure. 

Suspension Mountain Bikes

If you want unparalleled comfort, traction, and control, with maximum speed when plunging down a mountainside, check out our full suspension models. 


Full suspension models have seen great advancement in the past few years, making them the most popular mountain bikes. They are now almost as light as rear suspension models, and very smooth on uphill climbs. 


Mountain and trail bikes come with a variety of suspension options. Some offer much longer travel to increase comfort and control, others have less travel for better handling. 

Mountain Bike FAQ

Q: Can I ride my mountain bike on city streets?

A: Sure, but the tires are not designed for hard surfaces and you are going to get a sluggish ride. 


Q: What can I do about flat tires?

A: The goat heads are driving me crazy. We offer a range of options to prevent flats. Tubeless tires, tire liners, and sealants are all proven approaches. 


There are so many options on mountain bikes such as gears, wheels, suspensions, even grips. How do I decide which is best for me? Your best bet is to come discuss your riding plans with one of our sales professionals. 

Hard Tail Bikes

Hardtails are great for beginners who want to learn the feel of different terrain and don't want to spend a lot of money. They are still the preference for many racers and experienced off-road cyclists who love a light, responsive, no-nonsense ride.


Hardtail bikes transfer pedaling power to the rear wheel more efficiently. On non-technical surfaces, this results in better acceleration and makes it easier to sustain higher speeds over a long time. 


For those who want a light-weight, economical, efficient ride with the least amount of maintenance, we offer several models of hardtail mountain bikes. Dirt-jumpers love our tough, fast-pedaling, no-fuss hardtail models, and they also do well for off-road trails, single track and racing. 

Trail Bikes

Not every neighborhood has a mountain, or even steep hills suited for mountain bikes. Even for those who live in regions which offer this type of terrain, not everyone is interested in risking life and limb heading up and down technically difficult situations. 


Enter the trail bike. When you expect to spend most of your time off road, but the paths you prefer are flatter and less strewn with hazards, you're going to want a lighter, simpler bike than the typical mountain bike. 


Come in and let us help you pick the perfect bike for the kind of riding you intend to do. 

Tire Sizes on Mountain Bikes

Wheel sizes for mountain bikes come in 3 sizes.


  • 26” wheels are the main size wheels for most mountain bikes. For a long time, they were the only size available. 

  • 29”wheels have become much more common in recent years. 29ers are supposed to be slower to accelerate but are faster up hills, offer more momentum overall, and roll over small objects on the trail better. 

  • 27.5”wheels combine the best elements of 26 and 29-inch wheels. Faster than 29ers for most applications, but better at handling some types of terrain